Advances in Mind-Body Medicine
Information for Authors

The editors of Advances in Mind-Body Medicine invite authors to submit original papers for consideration.

Advances explores the relationship between mind, body, spirit, and health: the human experience of health, illness and medical care; and the clinical, social, and personal implications of a medicine that acknowledges the whole person. Advances looks for fresh thinking, vigorous debate, and careful analysis.

Papers most likely to be accepted for consideration present authoritative information and compelling points of view on the role of psychological, social, and spiritual factors in health promotion and the prevention, treatment, and healing of illness. We are particularly interested in review articles, theoretical models, opinion and commentary, case reports, and research reports. Papers must not be available online, published, or submitted elsewhere for consideration.

Unsolicited submissions are usually acknowledged within 2 weeks of receipt. Advances cannot accept responsibility for lost or mislaid manuscripts. Keep original copies in your possession. All submissions are subject to peer review. Two or more authorities will judge the validity, originality, and significance of the work presented. After the manuscript has been reviewed, the corresponding author will be informed whether it has been accepted for publication, rejected, or requires revision. Authors will be asked to transfer copyright to InnoVision Health Media (the publisher of Advances) when their manuscripts are accepted for publication. Accepted manuscripts become the property of InnoVision Health Media and may not be published or be made available online without written permission. If possible, please use MS Word for PC or Mac. All accepted manuscripts are subject to editing to conform to the American Medical Association Manual of Style, 10th edition, as well as accepted journalistic standards. Authors will be asked to review galleys after copyediting and before publication.

To submit to the journal, e-mail an electronic version to [email protected] and explain why this journal should publish your paper.

Please include the following:

  • Title of manuscript
  • Running title
  • All authors’ full names in publishing order, with degrees, ranks, credentials, and affiliations
  • Name, address, telephone (home and work) and fax numbers, and e-mail address of corresponding author
  • Current mailing and e-mail addresses for all authors
  • If appropriate, institution(s) in which the work was presented
  • Key words
  • If appropriate, number or name of grant or information about other financial support used to write the article
  • Abstract (double-spaced on a separate page)
  • Text (double-spaced, starting on a new page)
  • References (double-spaced, starting on a new page)
  • Tables and figures (starting on a new page—do not integrate into electronic text; they must be separate files on disk)
  • Illustrations, original prints only, properly labeled
  • Copies of all signed permissions
  • Acknowledgments

Contact InnoVision Professional Media with questions or concerns.