The Language Your Body Speaks

Book Review by Dawson Church, PhD

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books to his credit. The Genie in Your Genes ( was the first book to demonstrate that emotions drive gene expression. Mind to Matter, ( showed that the brain creates much of what we think of as “objective reality.” Bliss Brain ( demonstrates that peak mental states rapidly remodel the brain for happiness. He has conducted dozens of clinical trials, and founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare ( to promote groundbreaking new treatments. He shares how to apply the breakthroughs of energy psychology to health and personal performance through EFT Universe (, one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web. (Adv Mind Body Med. 2020;34(3):37.)


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You wouldn’t dream of driving a car understanding only the mechanical systems, like the brakes and steering, while remaining in complete ignorance of how to operate its energy systems, such as the starter, turn signal and headlight switch. Yet most of us know little or nothing about our body’s energies. When we get sick, we turn first to mechanical and material interventions.

Yet as diagnostic tools that measure energy, such as EKGs and MRIs show us, energy is fundamental to the body’s function. When we include the energy dimension in our approach to healing, we gain a critical point of leverage.

The Language Your Body Speaks by Ellen Meredith is an excellent guide to the body’s energy systems, showing the potent and dramatic changes that energy can produce. It provides clear explanations of the nature, language, and potential of energy healing. The book shows that energy healing isn’t a mysterious black box. It’s a system that can be learned and applied to both heal and raise the body’s level of wellbeing.

The author begins by sharing the many mysterious symptoms from which she suffered — ‘malaise’ — and which prompted her to start her journey of discovery. From there she became a practitioner then an educator, and from that perspective brings a comprehensive body of knowledge into clear focus for the reader, including a clear explanation of the body’s primary energy systems.

We use many of these, such as sound, imagery and touch, every day, and the book shows how we can harness them deliberately in order to have a dialog with our bodies. This can acquaint us with the energetic underpinnings of otherwise-mysterious symptoms, and give us intuitive information about how to improve our wellbeing.

The book is amplified with many case histories which illustrate the transformational power of energy interactions. One describes an event that occurred when Mother Teresa was visiting a clinic in India. A male patient was convulsed with violent whole-body spasms. She touched him firmly and rhythmically all over his body, and his muscles unclenched until he lay peacefully in his bed.

Each chapter ends with a series of exercises showing the reader how to use energy healing methods. These provide tools for experimenting with the energy flows of our own bodies, as well as exploring energy interactions with other people.

More than using energy to overcome disease, the book emphasizes the importance of cultivating wellness, explaining how to attain high levels of vitality, with vibrance flowing abundant through your body. The book ends with a series of exercises for balancing the body’s energies on a daily basis.

This warm, rich, and informative book is an excellent introduction to the energy healing field, useful both for practitioners and those who would like to unlock the healing power of energy in their personal lives.