The Impact of Eight Weeks of Moderate-Intensity Aerobic Exercise and Nutrition with a Traditional Iranian Medicine Approach on Liver Enzymes in Young Boys

Mahdi Qanavati, MSc; Leila Sarrami, PhD


Objective The present study aims to explore whether there is a relationship between the levels of alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST) enzymes and physical activity and diet from the perspective of Iranian traditional medicine to achieve enzymatic balance.

Method The research design is quasi-experimental with three experimental groups and one control group, and includes pre-test and post-test assessments. The sample population consisted of 60 young men aged between 20-40 years attending Asou Sports Club in Ahvaz, who were randomly divided into four 15-member groups, including aerobic exercise, nutrition, combined aerobic exercise and nutrition, and control. The aerobic group received eight weeks of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, consisting of 3 sessions per week, each lasting 45 minutes at 64%-76% of maximum heart rate. Participants were recommended to take mood assessment tests and a personalized diet plan. Individuals with a cold temperament were eligible to participate in the study. The exercise and nutrition group received both interventions, while the control group received no intervention. Blood levels of ALT and AST were measured at a laboratory. Descriptive indices and statistical tests such as multiple and multivariate covariate analyses were used to analyze the data.

Results The results showed that eight weeks of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and nutrition with traditional Iranian medicine approach had a significant effect on ALT and AST levels in young boys, resulting in an improved regulation of these enzymes (P < .05).

Conclusion • The implementation of dietary restrictions and substitutes, along with appropriate aerobic activities, can be effective in regulating liver enzymes. (Adv Mind Body Med. 2024;38(2):4-9.)

Mahdi Qanavati, MSc; Member of Iranian Traditional Medicine Researchers, Islamic Azad University of Najaf Abad. Leila Sarrami, PhD; Professor, Islamic Azad University of Najaf Abad.

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