Schizophrenia Symptom Alleviation Through Implementation of a Lifestyle Intervention Program

Kelly Brogan, MD; Alyssa Jarvi, PhD; Hannah Klopf, OMS-II; Tiffany Turner, NMD


Background • This case report illustrates the use of a lifestyle intervention program entitled “Vital Mind Reset” which led to the alleviation of disabling schizophrenic symptomology.
Summary • A 22-year-old male with onset of Tourette’s Syndrome and depression with suicidal ideation as a teenager began declining in mental vitality, resulting in the eventual diagnosis of treatment-resistant schizophrenia at the age of 17. At this time, he was admitted to an adolescent mental health ward due to delusional thinking and auditory hallucinations. Despite administration of a multitude of antipsychotic medications throughout the ensuing years, he was admitted yearly to the same hospital during the winter months until 2015. The patient began the Vital Mind Reset (VMR) program in 2017, committing to a series of lifestyle interventions which included dietary modifications, daily meditations, and detoxification practices. After completing the program, the patient experienced significantly improved quality of life, as he was once again able to leave his house. One year after completing the program, his physicians reported his schizophrenia appeared “to be in remission.” Given these results, when medication and conventional therapies gain limited progress, lifestyle interventions outlined in the VMR program should be considered, perhaps even as first-line therapy. This case defies the chronicity of severe psychiatric symptomologies such as schizophrenia and exemplifies the potential for healing and resolution of persistent psychiatric illness. (Adv Mind Body Med. 2020;34(2):24-29.)


Kelly Brogan, MD, is the founder of Alyssa Jarvi, PhD, is a healthcare investor. Hannah Klopf, OMS-II, is a medical student at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Tiffany Turner, NMD, is a naturopathic physician in Scottsdale, Arizona.




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