Reward System: A Guide For Wellness

Dora Dragoni Divrak, PhD, MD, LAc


With this writing I want to focus on reward system being this the place of wellness signaling molecules, of health regulation, of needs and also of human rights ruling. As in some of my previous writing I will describe the neuro-anatomo-physiology of reward system, I will focus on which are the CNS main centers involved, on the pathways and their functions. I will insist on the fact that reward is the place where we distinct bad from good and is also the system of pathways that regulates our health. Being this clear, I will describe a bit more in depth the reward strategies: I talk about the quantity and quality right diet, the fitness need, the mindfulness human right, the affective life importance, and the sleep human right too. I also describe acupuncture relationships with reward system. In conclusion I give the perspective that reward system is important since it is strictly related with the right lifestyle practice and the pursuing of the human rights for everyone on this World. (Adv Mind Body Med. 2020;34(1):4-7).


Dora Dragoni Divrak, PhD, MD, LAc, is medical doctor thanks to Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University, doctor of philosophy in alternative medicines and lifestyle thanks to IBAM, licensed acupuncturist thanks to AMAB, and she is also expert in nutrition, fitness, mental training and fertility. She is: writer for many italian and international journals, speaker at medical events. She is fond of reward system, alternative medicines, lifestyle, human health rights. She studies and works at Bagnacavallo, located in Italy.




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