Keeping the Brain Active May Delay Alzheimer’s Dementia 5 Years

Keeping the brain active in old age has always been a smart idea, but a new study suggests that reading, ...
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how young adults mental health has been impacted by COVID

Teens and young people reported worsening mental health during pandemic

As typical social and academic interaction screeched to a halt last year, many young people began experiencing declines in mental ...
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Sleep is essential for a healthy life

Sleep is essential to health

A new position statement from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine emphasizes that sleep is essential and is a biological ...
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Is physical punishment of children effective?

A conclusive narrative review has found physical punishment of children is not effective in preventing child behavior problems or promoting ...
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The health benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi can mirror healthy benefits of conventional exercise

A new study shows that tai chi mirrors the beneficial effects of conventional exercise by reducing waist circumference in middle-aged ...
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Is COVID-19 related to cognitive issues?

Is COVID-19 linked to Alzheimer’s disease-like cognitive impairment

A new Cleveland Clinic-led study has identified mechanisms by which COVID-19 can lead to Alzheimer’s disease-like dementia. The findings, published in Alzheimer’s ...
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Does exercise impact cognitive health?

Aerobic Exercise Helps Cognitive Function in Older Adults

Increasing evidence shows that physical activity and exercise training may delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In ...
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Study shows adaptive brain response to stress, and its absence in people with depression

A new study identifies a novel biomarker indicating resilience to chronic stress. This biomarker is largely absent in people suffering ...
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Childhood diet and exercise creates healthier, less anxious adults

Exercise and a healthy diet in childhood leads to adults with bigger brains and lower levels of anxiety, according to ...
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Can Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Treat Concussion?

Chronic concussion symptoms are notoriously difficult to treat. But Rebecca Acabchuk – who is also a yoga instructor in Hebron, ...
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