Current Research

How Defined Is Gender Identity in People with Body Integrity Dysphoria?
Charleen Scupin; Thomas Schnell, PhD; Erich Kasten, PhD


Assessment of Qigong Effects on Anxiety of High-school Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Jorge Magalhães Rodrigues, BS; Luís Carlos Matos, MS; Nuno Francisco, PhD; António Dias, João Azevedo, Jorge Machado, PhD


Development, Validation, and Feasibility Testing of a Yoga Module for Opioid Use Disorder
Hemant Bhargav, MD, PhD; Pilli Devi Vidyasagar, MSc; Sumana Venugopal, MD; Rashmi Arsappa, MD; Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha, MD, PDF; Prateek Varshney, MD; Priyamvada Sharma, PhD; Vedamurthachar A, PhD; Ganesan Venkatasubramanian, MD, PhD; Shivarama Varambally, MD, DSc; Bangalore N Gangadhar, MD, DSc; Pratima Murthy, MD


Role of Various Gene Expressions in Etiopathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Mohammad Arshad Javed Shaikh, MPharm; Roshan S, PhD; Himmat Singh, PhD; Sarita Rawat, MPharm; Sachchidanand Pathak, MPharm; Anurag Mishra, PhD; Gaurav Gupta, PhD


“My Body Does Not Fit in Your Medical Textbooks”: A Physically Turbulent Life With an Unexpected Recovery From Advanced Parkinson Disease After Prayer
Dirk J. Kruijthoff, MD; Elena Bendien, PhD; Corlien Doodkorte; Cornelis van der Kooi, PhD; Gerrit Glas, MD, PhD; Tineke A. Abma, PhD


Cultural Stress: The Ubiquitous Stressor Hiding in Plain Sight
Howard Murad, MD


Six Empirically-Supported Premises About Energy Psychology: Mounting Evidence for a Controversial Therapy
David Feinstein, PhD

The Role of Spiritual Care and Healing in Health Management

Matt Snapp, PhD; Lisa Hare, Grad Dip Psych, B. App Sc

Holistic Medicine Must Mean Whole: How to Deal with Spirituality
Jean-Philippe Lanoix, MD, PhD, Loren Toussaint, PhD

Efficacy of Meditation-Based Interventions on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Veterans: A Narrative Review
Taj Haider, MPH; Chia-Liang Dai, PhD; Manoj Sharma, PhD

The Role of Diazepam in Epigenetics: From the Molecular Level to Clinical Implications
Sachchidanand Pathak, MPharm; Gaurav Gupta, PhD; Ritu M Gilhotra, PhD

Betrayal Trauma: Impact on Health Professionals
Brenda Bursch, PhD; Sara Hurvitz, MD; Manisha Parikh, LCSW

The Role of Yoga in the Management of Bladder Pain Syndrome: A Single-Arm Pilot Study
Salil Khandwala, MD, FACOG, FPMRS; Jason Cruff, DO, FACOG

School-Based Meditation and Interoceptive Awareness Program for Preventing Somatic Symptoms: The Role of Emotional Awareness
Martina Rossi, PsyD; Stefano Rossi, PsyD; Laura Diari, PsyD; Antonella Ciaramella, MD

Lived Experiences of Stroke Survivors Undergoing Ayurvedic Rehabilitation Therapy in India
Priya Baby, PhD; Rakesh V R, MSc N; Hemant Kumar Gupta, MBBS, DMH;
Raghavendra Naik, MD, PhD, BAMS

Clinical Remission of Treatment-Resistant Depression, Polysubstance Abuse, and Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome Through Engagement of Lifestyle Interventions
Kelly Brogan, MD; Alyssa Jarvi, PhD; Shelby Anderson, BS; Sarah Kalen Flynn, MD


Healing of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Borderline Personality Traits, and Bipolar Disorder Through Lifestyle Interventions: A Case Report
Kelly Brogan, MD; Alyssa Jarvi, PhD; Hannah Klopf, Tiffany Turner NMD

Yoga-Based Relaxation Technique Facilitates Sustained Attention in Patients with Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study
Dwivedi Krishna, PhD; Singh Deepeshwar, PhD; Bharati Devi, PhD

Spiritual Health Among Pakistani Religious and Non-Religious Professional: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study Highlighting the Role of Regional Beliefs and Practices
Ambreen Aslam, BSN, MSPH; Zaeema Ahmer, MBBS, MSPH; Meha Fatima Aftab, BSMT, PGD, PhD; Asif Ahmed, MBBS, PhD

Development of a Healthcare Approach Focusing on Subtle Energies: The Case of Eden Energy Medicine
Donna Eden, David Feinstein, PhD

The Language Your Body Speaks
Dawson Church, PhD

The Effectiveness of Massage for Children With Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review
Zehra Güçhan Topcu, PT, PhD; Hayriye Tomaç, PT, MS

Working (it) Out: An Heuristic Enquiry Into Psychotherapy and Physical Exercise
Daniel Harrison, MPsychotherapy; Keith Tudor, PhD

Schizophrenia Symptom Alleviation Through Implementation of a Lifestyle Intervention Program
Kelly Brogan, MD; Alyssa Jarvi, PhD; Hannah Klopf, OMS-II; Tiffany Turner, NMD


Reward System: A Guide For Wellness
Dora Dragoni Divrak, PhD, MD, LAc

Gospel Music: A Catalyst for Retention, Engagement, and Positive Health Outcomes for African Americans in a Cardiovascular Prevention and Treatment Program
Barry Bittman, MD; Indu Poornima, MD; Michael A. Smith, PhD; R. Eric Heidel, PhD

Yoga Therapy For Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms
Amit Kashyap, MSc; Sakshi Chopra, MSc; Piyush Ranjan, MD; Siddharth Sarkar, MD; Anna Poorna, PhD; Upendra Baitha, MD