BrainTrain Releases Test of Attention and Executive Functioning for In-Home Testing

Richmond, VA, September 16, 2020 –(– BrainTrain, a company which designs a variety of psychological testing and training software, has released the MeSA, a computerized assessment designed to test a person’s attention, mental processing speed and mental flexibility – all of these functions are essential in performing tasks requiring executive functioning and planning. Using the MeSA, healthcare professionals can, in about ten minutes, evaluate mental functioning abilities that are often impaired in individuals with cognitive impairments. Thus, the MeSA can aid healthcare professionals in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of individuals ages 8 to 88 who suffer from cognitive impairments such as Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), ADHD, or Learning Disorders. This Windows software uses a unique guided administration that can be used by clients to safely take the test at home or while maintaining social distance in the office using an iPad. The results are immediately and securely uploaded to the clinician’s computer.

The MeSA measures the two components of Executive Functioning – Attention Control (AC) and Executive Control (EC). Executive control is the cognitive ability which enables one to self-direct in order to achieve personal goals by activating an individual’s working memory. Two versions exist – the MeSA-IE, for ages 8-14 and the MeSA-AE, for ages 15-89.

The MeSA also integrates its findings with BrainTrain’s IVA-2 – ADHD report writing software. Reports in Word format then help guide clinicians in being able to quickly understand an individual’s problems and to then develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help them. Many people with ADHD or MCI struggle to achieve their goals in both work and school settings due to impaired Executive Functioning and can be greatly helped once their problems are identified.

The MeSA is easy to use, because the test administration is automated along with its scoring and draft interpretative reports facilitate the healthcare provider’s understanding of the test results. The MeSA is based on the well-known Trail Making Test and features comprehensive multi-study research norms based on the testing of over 6,000 individuals and importantly adjusts its scores based on the person’s exact age and education level. Because it is fully computerized for use with any iPad, it can be easily administered remotely or in the office. The test administration is perceived as non-judgmental and all feedback, since it is provided by the computer, is immediate and perceived as non-judgmental.

For more information about BrainTrain’s new MeSA Test of Executive Functioning, professionals should visit the BrainTrain website at or directly link to the MeSA page at Or call BrainTrain sales at 800-822-0538 to speak with their friendly staff to request a free trial of the MeSA test.

About BrainTrain:
BrainTrain, Inc. has been in the business of creating neuropsychological testing and training software since 1989, when neuropsychologist, Dr. Joseph A. Sandford, author and developer of numerous programs, first released the Captain’s Log: Cognitive Training Program. This original software helped form the foundation for many products to come, assisting people in developing their mental acuity and helping professionals improve the quality of their client’s lives.

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