Massage Replaces Invasive Surgeries

A ‘hands-on’ therapy that can feel like a deep massage has replaced major surgeries in two fields of medicine: female infertility and serious digestive problems per researchers at Clear Passage® Therapies. Following decades of research, studies Read More

How sleep disruption can exacerbate pain

People often experience headaches and body pain after a lack of sleep, but the mechanisms behind this phenomenon are unclear. A new study led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a founding member of Read More

Nature Exposure Can Ease ADHD Symptoms

A University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign expert Andrea Faber Taylor, says time in nature can ease symptoms of the common child- and adulthood condition referred to as ADHD. In a key study, she found a 20-minute walk through Read More

Where do we feel love?

Researchers at Aalto University have made a map of where in the body different types of love are felt and how strongly they are experienced. ‘It was noteworthy, though not very surprising, that the types Read More

Accepting anxiety for peace of mind

Sadly, many family members, friends, and celebrities have suffered from anorexia nervosa, or AN, a severe psychiatric illness associated with intense anxieties concerning weight, shape, and self-esteem. AN is characterized by an eating disorder, food restriction, voluntary Read More

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